Combining virtual reality racing with a full motion platform and expert tuition, we aim to encourage a wider participation in motorsport and look to the future with eSports.

Based in Lancashire, we provide state of the art simulators and driver training for amateur racers and motorsport enthusiasts. Combining our motorsport knowledge with the latest software in virtual sim racing, we have developed a cost effective training tool for everyone!

Having spent the last 12 years working closely with racing drivers, teams and automotive manufacturers, we have gained extensive knowledge in not only driver coaching but costs too. Racing requires a considerable amount of money so saving costs anywhere you can is advantageous. The only way you can improve your skills, is seat time. The more you practice, the quicker you will be! Our instructor is on hand for 1-1 sessions including data analysis to help you critique driving patterns and improve your skills.

Our simulators are capable of replicating the movements you feel when driving a real car and remove any element of danger to encourage wider participation across the board. High quality Force Feedback steering, full motion platform and accurate brake pedal systems combine to create an all-round racing simulation. With noticeable correlation between the coaching techniques used on and off the track, you really can save yourself on time and money!

Not only does this mean you can practice for a fraction of the cost, but all year round too. Learn new circuits, braking points and references to take advantage to the track. Interested to know what we can offer? We don’t have any age limits for using the simulators although height restrictions may apply. If you are unsure, please feel free to drop in and try the seat before you use it!

Ready to give it a try?